About us

Medical Z, a French company established in the United States since 1989, exports its know-how to 35 countries.

For over 40 years, Médical Z has been striving to be at the forefront of technology.

This commitment has earned the family business, based in Touraine (Indre-et-Loire, 37), a worldwide reputation as a forerunner in terms of quality and service in the treatment of serious burns and plastic surgery. Médical Z has also been established in the United States since 1989.

Médical Z offers a wide range of compression orthoses.

– Designer of compression garments for plastic surgery since 1981.

– High quality French manufacturing: our products are designed and manufactured in our factory in Saint-Avertin (Indre-et-Loire, 37) using European raw materials.



Provide the maximum guarantee and confidence to consumers concerned about their health and well-being.



As part of its quality and continuous improvement approach, Médical Z complies with French and international ISO 13485:2016 standards.




Our commitment to the environment

In 2010, Médical Z had 600m² of photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of its premises.

The production generated by solar radiation supplies the equivalent of 80% of Médical Z’s energy consumption.

The company confirms its ecological commitment by using certified materials STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

This label is the first to guarantee the human-ecological qualities of textiles free of toxic products for the body and the environment. The OEKO-TEX® system enables the rapid identification and elimination of potential sources of harmful substances for all textile products at all processing stages.

By manufacturing its textiles with European OEKO-TEX® labelled raw materials, Médical Z ensures effective and high product safety.




The expertise in medical compression began in the 1970s, when Mr. André Zagamé, founder of the company, met the head of the new Burns Centre at the Percy military hospital. At that time, the Centre was able to treat burns covering up to 90% of the body surface.

At the same time, across the Atlantic, research was being carried out by the Jobst company and Dr Larson on the positive effects of medical compression on these scars. André Zagamé succeeded in developing a complete system for measuring the body (with a tape measure and a double or triple decimetre); for pattern-making and unique tailoring, as well as paying particular attention to the quality of the raw materials – testing more than 107 different textiles.

Since its inception, Médical Z has placed quality at the centre of its concerns in order to offer a service and post-operative support to patients and health professionals.

Working closely with the medical profession, the Touraine-based company has succeeded in combining its unique craft skills with the evolution of surgical techniques.






Médical Z offers a wide range of compression orthoses (Zbra®, Lipo-Panty®, belts) to provide surgeons and patients with safety, efficiency and comfort in the post-operative period.

Since its inception, Médical Z has placed quality at the heart of its concerns in order to offer a service and post-operative support to patients and health professionals.

Thanks to its integrated laboratory, Médical Z has the necessary tools to research and develop new products for the future.

Every day, Médical Z works towards a better future for patients.



With an in-house testing and R&D laboratory, Médical Z ensures continuous quality and innovation.

The design of our products allows for uniform compression in certain “difficult” areas such as the groin fold, while ensuring comfort, perfect mobility, and free muscle play for the patient.

The CoolMax® fabric comfort system used by Médical Z is the best performing breathable and thermoregulating fabric on the market. It allows us to remain at the cutting edge of technology, while respecting the patient’s anatomy.












Clinical study*: our Lipo-Panty® range is the only one in the world to have been developed following a multi-centre clinical study carried out on 189 patients. This study enabled Médical Z to define a system for measuring patients before the operation, in order to obtain the ideal post-operative compression immediately after the operation.

Médical Z’s expertise ensures controlled, effective and guaranteed compression throughout the treatment period.

*Dr Illouz, Pr Greco, Dr Masson, Dr Forli, Clinical Evaluation of Pressure Therapy in conjunction with Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery 1984.



The raw materials selected by Médical Z are carefully chosen and rigorously tested. Control points are carried out at each stage of manufacture to ensure the properties of the compression garment.


Our network of orthopaedic surgeons and pharmacists is available to provide the best possible service to patients. Available and responsive, we are at your complete disposal.

Manufacturing and delivery of made-to-measure compression orthoses within 8 days.




Our difference: unique experience and know-how in the field of compression garments & scar gels, to support you in your post-operative care.

Medical Z offers a wide range of compression garments for plastic surgery (Zbra®, Lipo-panty and abdominal belts) providing comfort and effectiveness for all types of surgery.

Medipatch Gel Z® and Medigel Z® are known for their effectiveness in the treatment of scars, while being suitable for all patients due to the wide range of sizes and shapes.



Immediately after surgery, compression is necessary to reduce inflammation and oedema.

It helps to soften the skin, and improves comfort after surgery. Medical Z compression garments are made from Coolmax® fabric. This fabric is breathable and more comfortable than any other fabric on the market today.

Quality and comfort are paramount for good support and optimal compression after surgery.



Médical Z also manufactures scar treatment gels. The effectiveness of polymers in the treatment of scars has been proven by numerous studies, and Medical Z is developing Gel Z® technology in collaboration with the CNRS in Le Mans and the Institut des Polymeres.

This technology combines the action of a copolymer and a class H1 mineral oil for medical use to effectively prevent and treat hypertrophic and keloid scars.

Medigel Z® and Medipatch Gel Z® are used for the prevention and treatment of scars after plastic or cosmetic surgery, in orthopaedics and podiatry.

Our gels last 3 to 6 times longer than silicone sheets. In addition, they can expand and adapt to all your movements. They are available in different sizes and the sheets can be cut to fit your needs and cover scars of all ages.



Monday to Friday from 9am to 6.30pm

Phone : +33 (0)2 47 71 33 33

Fax : +33 (0)2 47 71 33 34


If the recipe for the right garment sounds simple, it is actually quite complex, and all the ingredients must come together.

At Médical Z®, we put quality first. To offer you the best possible garment, we focus on three main criteria: the fabric, the sewing method and the accurate measurement.

We have conducted clinical studies that allow us to offer compression garments ideally calibrated for healing.


1- The best fabric:

We offer 3 types of fabrics at MedicalZ: Standard Fabric, Coolmax from Dupont and Fresh Fabrics developed in-house.

The CoolMax fabric allows the skin to breathe while ensuring maximum comfort, ideal for a garment to be worn 24/7 after surgery. Designed with a four-channel fiber system that allows air to pass easily, the evacuation of perspiration allows the treated areas to remain dry for better healing.


The hexagonal weave concept provides controlled pressure in all directions, making the garment more efficient and comfortable to wear.

Hypoallergenic, soft and comfortable, our materials are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and ensure comfort and functionality. Specially designed for the part of the body where the procedure is performed and made of lightweight, breathable textiles that fit your morphology, the MedicalZ compression garment holds the scar tissue in place to ensure safety and comfort when moving around, which is often difficult after a procedure. In addition to being easily concealed under clothing, the ingenious design of our garments helps patients put them on easily while benefiting from their therapeutic advantages.

Our first fabric was developed after more than a hundred textiles were tested to ensure controlled pressure in all directions.


Textile testing and research & development laboratory:

Our laboratory, equipped with the most performing devices (dynamometer, perspirometer, oven, light cabin…) is located in our factory in Saint-Avertin, Touraine.

The fibers of the different fabrics are controlled there to guarantee quality, stretch, durability, flexibility, breathability and sun protection.

As a real second skin during your treatment, we require a high quality to provide the required optimal level of compression and resistance during the entire treatment phase. We carry out all the controls required by the Social Security.

Compression pressure (NF G 30 102-B) // Colour fastness to water and rubbing

(NF EN ISO 105-A02/03, NF EN ISO 105 E 01,

NF EN ISO 105-X12) // Dimensional stability (NF EN ISO 5077) // Elongation (NF EN ISO 14704-1) // Tensile strength (NFG07119)

The elasticity of our fabrics is tested in different planes to provide you with the best compression for best results (photo caption).



2- Special confection where every detail matters to adapt to each patient:

The seams of our garments are specific: flat on the inside and lined for increased resistance, this technique allows the garment to adapt to the shape of the body, thus ensuring that all surfaces, even the most difficult to access, are maintained while being barely perceptible underneath the garment.

Our garments provide controlled pressure with horizontal and vertical expansion to optimize patient mobility.

The elasticity and design of the garments resist “bumps” without hindering the pressure.

There are no seams under the arms and the gloves have convex seams for easy fit.


3- Good measurements for a well-fitting compression garment:

A compression garment that is too large or too small can compromise the final result.

With our expertise, we are able to establish the optimal level of compression you will need after the procedure. A good measurement adapted to the product is then essential.

We adapt to all needs, so we will customize the product for you if necessary.

Measurements are taken in mm in order to increase accuracy and reduce the risk of error.

Clinical studies

  • First literature for burn victims with André Zagamé (history)




  • We collaborated with Dr. Yves-Gérard Illouz (1989), inventor of liposuction, on a clinical study to define the ideal pressure range for compression garments for cosmetic surgery. This study demonstrated that post-surgical garments with a compression range of 17 to 21 mm Hg can produce the best post-operative esthetic results.


  • Studied and developed at the Institute of Polymers at the CNRS of Le Mans, the MedigelZ technology allows the effective treatment of hypertrophic or cheloid scars.




We strive to achieve positive and optimal results in healing the wounds of all patients.

This objective necessarily involves a study and research phase.

French legislation requires Médical Z to carry out annual tests on its garments.


Find out about the international study carried out over 12 years with our Médical Z compression garments, proving their effectiveness in post-operative care.

We collaborated with Dr Yves-Gérard Illouz (1989), inventor of liposuction, on a clinical study to define the ideal pressure range for compression garments for cosmetic surgery. This study demonstrated that post-surgical garments with a compression of 17 to 21 mm Hg produce the best post-surgical aesthetic results.


Médical Z, in whom you place your full trust, puts quality first when manufacturing products to meet the needs of surgeons and patients. Feel free to ask your current supplier for research and studies. Also ask the company you are working with to provide you with studies conducted on the fabric manufactured by outside sources. In the US, clothing manufacturers are only required to submit a list of products/materials sold. No studies or research on the fabric is required. It is now known that dyes change the horizontal and vertical elasticity of fabrics, compromising the final result.



Medical Z is required to provide garments for testing and evaluation yearly to the government in France


For a copy of our studies, download the following PDF files:


Download the pdf

Studied and developed at the CNRS polymer institute in Le Mans, France, Médigel Z technology is an effective treatment for hypertrophic or keloid scars.



Download the pdf


EBA – 6 – 9 septembre – Nantes (France)
MEDICA – 13 – 16 novembre – Düsseldorf  (Allemagne)

NABS – march 18TH – 23TH, 2023 – Mammoth Lakes CA




FRANCE – 2023

IMCAS – 26 – 28 janvier – Paris
SFCPEF – 30 – 31 mars – Toulouse
SOFCEP – 1 – 2 – 3 juin – Versailles
ORL CORSICA – 16 – 17 juin – Ajaccio
SFB – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 septembre – Nantes
MATRIDAY’S – 22 – 23 septembre – Anglet
FESUM – 23 septembre – Montpellier
SNOF – 17 – 18 novembre – Lyon
SOFCPRE – 16 – 18 novembre – Paris
SFCP Reims – 4 – 5 décembre – Reims
SFRM-GEM – 18 – 20 décembre – Paris
IMCAS – 01 – 03 février 2024 – Paris


ARAB HEALTH 2021 – june 21-24 – DUBAI



Medical Z ® specializes in customized pressure garments.

We recognize that superior materials manufactured in a superior fashion don’t meet customer needs without superior service. We are dedicated to providing that service to both clients and patients.



Superior service is the cornerstone of our success.
For more than 25 years we have been a pacesetter in developing innovative ways to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our patients.

  • Our custom made surgical support garments are delivered within eight working days or they are free.
  • Medical Z gives the patients a custom garment that is fitted to their precise measurements.
  • A choice of colors which are the result of extensive tests to assure that they will provide controlled pressure.
  • Toll free customer service, ordering, and tracking line.
  • Comprehensive in-service literature, training, and seminars for Physicians and Therapists.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • A clearly distinguishable level of personal attention to the patients and hospital to receive positive results and optimum wound healing.
  • Pressure garments that are guaranteed to fit with no extra charges for alterations.
  • Medical Z® garments are guaranteed for 2 months.
  • Service Centers and representatives throughout the United States and Europe.




  • Our colored garments deliver the required pressure assuring the patients optimum wound healing.
  • Each roll of fabric is tested on sophisticated, tension measuring instruments for quality and elasticity.
  • Our fabric is the result of an exhaustive analysis of 107 textiles which provide controlled pressure in all directions.
  • Lighter fabrics mean less discomfort and increased patient compliance.




Pressure garments that are designed for the convenience of the patients.

  • We can put pockets in the garment to give added pressure when needed.
  • Medical Z garments that contain Zippers are lined with velvet to avoid patient discomfort.
  • We do not put seams under the arms. Our garments give the patients controlled pressure with horizontal and vertical expansion to optimize mobility.
  • Measurements are done in cm, ensuring more accurate measurements and less chance of error.
  • Seams are double sewn for durability and seams lay flat on the interior for aesthetic, as well as added patient comfort.
  • We make diagonal seams that control pressure.
  • Elasticity and design of the garments resist “bunching” or pinching that create skin waves, and reduce comfort, and interfere with proper therapeutic pressure.
  • Gloves have seams that are convex for ease in adjusting.

With over 25 years of knowledgeable experience, Medical Z® places a continuous emphasis on finding new ways to assist the healing process.
This has earned us the reputation worldwide as the “QUALITY AND SERVICE INNOVATORS” in pressure therapy and plastic surgery industries. It is a reputation we intend to uphold.
We are proud to have developed these skills and we would like to share our results with you.


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