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Cosmetic surgery: Why surgeons recommend post-surgery garments?


After most cosmetic surgery procedures, it is recommended to use specific garments that will apply the optimal compression level on the treated zone. Not only do they limit the side effects of the surgery but also help reducing the postoperative discomfort. This article will reveal to you why surgeons usually recommend post-surgery garments after cosmetic surgery procedures.

What you should know before the surgery

The healing process is influenced by many different factors. Before the procedure your surgeon will explain to you everything about the operation and the healing process. It is very important that you follow all of the recommendations in order to achieve the best possible results. To facilitate the healing process, most surgeons recommend the use of post-surgery garments. These garments are designed to adapt to your body and to the zones where the surgery was performed. They are made out of specific material that guarantees comfort and breathability of the treated zones. You can refer to our article “Your guide to Post-Plastic Surgery Garments” to make your selection according to the operation you intend to get. 

EC035_lipopanty-highbackHow do they affect the healing process?

They ease movements After any aesthetic procedure you will most likely feel bloated and uncomfortable. Wearing the appropriate post surgery garments facilitate movements because it maintains the tissues of the treated zones

They reduce the healing time Post surgery garments support a healthy circulation, which makes it faster for the treated zones to recover from the procedure. Furthermore, they facilitate the scaring process because they keep the tissues and incisions in place.

They help with contouring With compression garments, the new body contours are easily maintained. Indeed, while bringing the optimal compression level, it helps the treated zone to get used to their new shape.

Post surgery garments are significantly helping the recovery process of most of the cosmetic surgery procedures. Medical Z manufactures high tech comfortable and breathable post surgery garments. Shop here.

Optimal Post surgical Healing: Why compression garments are essential?


After most of the body contouring procedures in plastic surgery, patients are recommended to wear a compression garment. Depending on the surgeon and the procedure, garments are to be worn for up to 8 weeks after the surgery. Not only they are the key to optimal results but they also make the post-operative experience a lot easier. Patients usually don’t know why wearing a compression garment for post surgical purposes is essential. This article will tell you everything you should know regarding the benefits of compression after surgery.


1- Support healthy healing Wearing a compression garment that provides even pressure around the abdominal area supports the healing process. Indeed, compression garments help to maintain healthy blood circulation around the treated tissues so they can heal quickly and limit the risk of blood clot formation.

  2- Reduce post-operative discomfort After the surgery, patients experience significant swelling and water retention. Excess fluid buildup can cause discomfort and may even interfere with the post surgical healing process. Wearing the appropriate compression garment can control swelling and reduce the risk of excessive water retention around the treated areas and surrounding tissues.

  3- Facilitate movements As we mentioned before, surgical procedures can bring an important discomfort. Indeed, the swelling of the treated tissue can come along with soreness, tension and tingling. Compression garments can significantly reduce this discomfort making it easier for patients to move and to improve their posture.

  4- Help to achieve best possible results After a surgical procedure, there is a risk that bulges form in the skin. This risk can be limited by wearing a compression garment because it helps the tissues to keep in place. Furthermore, it helps controlling skin shrinkage that may occur after the surgery.
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You thought post surgical girdles were uncomfortable? Think again


When you get a tummy tuck or undergo liposuction of the abdominal area, your surgeon may recommend wearing a post surgical girdle for six to eight weeks after surgery. Many people believe that those girdles are extremely uncomfortable when it’s actually the opposite. Indeed well-fitting post surgical girdles can help provide comfort and support after the trauma of surgery and also improve overall results. Many surgeons recommend wearing these garments throughout the day and overnight for the most benefits.

If you thought they were uncomfortable this article will prove you wrong. Here is everything you should know about post surgical girdles


They are designed to adapt to your post surgical needs 


Post surgical girdles are clinically tested to make sure they apply the optimum level of compression on the treated areas. In order for them to fit you perfectly and to respect your anatomy, measurements are taken prior to the surgery. They are the key to reduce the swelling and bruising after the procedure was undergone. Only one garment is needed for the duration of the treatment: the compression is guaranteed to be effective for at least 8 weeks.

 They are made with high tech fabrics

Our garments are designed with state of the art fabrics. The technology in the Coolmax fabrics makes the girdles very comfortable. It offers thermo regulating fibers, which means that the skin can easily breathe. Coolmax fabric girdles help to achieve greater results because the skin stays cool and moisture has no interference with the healing of the incision zones. Thus, not only you will feel comfortable, but the girdle will support a healthy recovery.

 They improve your mobility

Plastic surgery procedures usually bring a very important discomfort. Wearing a post surgical girdle helps to reduce this discomfort by improving your posture. Indeed, managing daily activities after a plastic surgery procedure can be very complicated. By wearing the appropriate compression garment, you facilitate free muscular movements while helping to achieve optimal surgical outcomes.

They easily hide underneath your clothes

The abdominal girdle can be worn comfortably under everyday clothing, so there is no need to wear extra layers or additional garments to hide the girdle. As we mentioned before, Medical Z girdles are made with lightweight fabrics and are designed to fit and conform to the body, while providing plenty of support without compromising movement.

Tummy tuck: 4 Tips on how to get the results you’re dreaming of


Gaining weight, losing weight, pregnancies and other life events can have a significant impact on our bodies and especially on our abdomens. Our abdominal skin can be very affected and if so, it is almost impossible to tighten it back with a diet or exercise. Thus, a lot of people undergo an abdominoplasty, also called tummy tuck, which consists in removing the excess skin and fat of this area. This article will tell you everything you need to know in order to get the results you are dreaming of.

  • The procedure

Techniques are different depending on the surgeon. In most of the cases, the scars are located around the belly button and in the pubic area. After removing the most important amount of impaired skin, the surgeon will tighten the healthy skin from the upper part of the abdomen and stretch it downwards. This procedure usually leaves important scars which are can be even larger depending on the amount of skin there is to be removed. In some cases, when the excess skin is also associated with excess fat, the surgeon might perform a liposuction of the area for better results.
  • After the surgery: tips for the best results


Follow your medication

After this type of procedure, you might feel a lot of pain but that can easily be reduced with the appropriate pain killers. You will feel tension and soreness on your abdomen. It is also extremely important that you follow your prescription to limit the risk of infection. Your surgeon will let you know everything you must prior to the surgery and in case you have any question you can call him.

Wear your compression garment

After a tummy tuck, the abdomen will most likely be very swollen. This is due to the edema that forms in reaction to the surgery. The best way to reduce the edema is to wear the appropriate compression garment. Indeed, these medical devices are tested to bring the best compression level on the areas treated. This is the key to reducing the swelling and helping the bruising to decrease. In most cases, your surgeon will recommend you wear one for at least 4 weeks. Medical Z garments are designed to be patient friendly and to help you reduce the discomfort after your surgery. They are very helpful to ease your movements.

Avoid making efforts

It is very important that you don’t make too much effort after your surgery. Indeed, in the areas surrounding the scars you will feel a lot of tension. Making effort and forcing on these areas might lead to stretching the wound which could have bad consequences on the results. Your surgeon will recommend you stop working for a couple weeks at least and you won’t be able to do any physical activity for a minimum of two months.

 Care for your scars

As mentioned earlier, the scars after a tummy tuck are usually very important. Thus, it is very important that you care for them. You must avoid exposing them to the sun for at least 6 months. It takes about a year for the scar to mature. At first, the scar will be very red and then will get lighter over time. Smoking can also have a bad impact on the scars which is why it is recommended to stop smoking before the surgery and for a while after. Medical Z offers a large array of scar management gel that can be very beneficial. Find out more.

Buttocks Implants – Follow these tips and even Kim K will be jealous


Preferences vary among people when it comes to buttocks shapes and sizes. However, nobody really appreciates when they are flat. Whether it’s a preexisting condition, or due to weight loss, the buttocks can look a little saggy. In order for them to look more firm, a little exercise can sometimes be a great option but might not be enough. In this case, if you feel too uncomfortable with this situation, you can undergo plastic surgery and get implants.
This article will tell you everything you need to know about buttocks implants so you can get the best results and even Kim K will be jealous.


1- How does it work?

A buttock augmentation consists in correcting the shape and increasing the volume of the buttocks by placing implants. Before the surgery, you will meet with your surgeon for a consultation during which he will give you all the details about the procedure. He will determine what size and shape of  buttocks implants is the most appropriate for your morphology.
The procedure is done under general anesthesia and lasts for about an hour. The technique varies among surgeons. In most cases, the incisions through which the implants are inserted are done in the cleft in order to be hidden. In order to have optimal results, your surgeon might also recommend a liposuction of the areas surrounding the buttocks.

2- What happens after the surgery?

The first days after the surgery can be very uncomfortable especially due to the pain. In order to reduce the pain it is very important that you follow your medication very strictly. The procedure will lead the surrounding areas to be very swollen and bruising. Most of the time, walking is very uncomfortable. You will most likely be asked to remain standing as much as you can and seating will be prohibited

3- Wearing the appropriate compression garment: the key to amazing results

In order for the swelling to reduce and to be able to walk more easily, wearing the appropriate compression garment is really helpful. Indeed by applying the right level of compression on the swollen areas, it will help them to reduce. It also helps to reduce discomfort by easing movements. Furthermore, after such procedure there is a risk that the treated tissues make ripples or bumps while healing. Wearing a compression garment can limit this risk by holding the tissue in place. Medical Z offers the Elegance Lipo-panty® high with Open Rounded Rear which is the first Lipo-Panty® featuring openings for fat injection and implants. It is equipped with adjustable, detachable suspenders, two rows of hook and eyes for adjustability and is open crotched and adorned with lace trimming.

4- The results

You will probably have to wait a few months to see the final results. This is the approximate time it takes for the implants to find their final position and for the skin to get back to normal. Whether you can feel the buttocks implants or not depends on the people but you will most likely get used to it very fast. Lastly, the scar which will be red in the beginning will progressively become less visible.
Medical Z designs compression garments for over 30 years – All garments are available with open rounded rear on demand.

How to get the perfect measurements for your post surgery garments?


Swelling, bruising and discomfort are the main conditions following any type of surgical procedures. In order to reduce this inconvenience, most surgeons recommend wearing the appropriate post surgery garments; they are the key to outstanding results.

This article will help you get perfect measurements for your post surgery garments.


Why is it important to get accurate measurements?

As we mentioned earlier, after any type of surgery the body reacts by forming edema and being swollen around the treated areas. By applying the appropriate compression level, post surgery garments help reducing the swelling. If your garment is too big, the compression level is not sufficient to reduce it and it may lead to a longer recovery period. On the other hand, a garment that is too tight may cause the opposite effect by increasing the swelling of the treated areas. You have to keep in mind that a garment that doesn’t conform to your body might interfere with the final outcomes.

Measurements Guidelines

Whatever procedure you are undergoing, it is very important that you record the measurements prior to the surgery. Using the sizing charts available online or on the brochure, you will be able to choose the garment that fits your size. All of our products come with sizing charts such as our EC034 and EC035.

Breast garments

When it comes to breast garments, the best way to find the size that fits you it to start by measuring the chest circumference beneath your breast to know your bra bust size and then your chest circumference on your breast to know your cup size. Lots of women don’t know their actual bra size which is why Medical Z offers detailed sizing charts to help you figure out what your actual bra size is.

Liposuction and abdominal garments

In order to determine which size garments is the most appropriate for you, you will need your hips and waist measurements. Measurements should be taken around the fullest part of the hips with your feet together, and around the smallest part of your waist.

Medical Z designs post surgery garments from sizes XX-Small to 4X-Large. If you are in between two sizes, we can make adjustments free of charge.

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A post operative bra for your work out activities


In order to reduce the edema and swelling after any type of breast surgery, your surgeon will prescribe a post operative bra. You might think that this type of bra has a unique purpose and that you will probably never be able to wear it again after your recovery. Post-operative bras are actually designed to bring the best support to your breast this is why they are perfect for any work out activities.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the benefits of wearing your post-operative bra when you work out.

  • What happens to the breast when you work out

You probably never thought about it before, but exercising can have a very important impact on the positioning of your breast.In many work out activities such as running or jumping the breast is highly involved and especially our Cooper’s ligaments. These ligaments that you might not be aware of are the ones responsible for maintaining your breast. When exercising, the weight of the breast increases due to the motion that can be very painful. Over time, if the breast is not properly supported it may lead to a sagging effect. In order to prevent this effect you will have to wear a bra that will limit the bouncing of the breast and reduce the risk of stretching your ligaments.
  • Why a post operative bra is perfect for work out activities

    Post-operative bras are designed to bring the proper support to the breast. One of the main benefits of a post-operative bra after surgery is that by holding the breast in place, it limits the risks of stretching the wound. This applies to work out activities too. Indeed, the compression level is perfectly appropriate for exercising because it guarantees to hold the breast in place. Furthermore, it is made out of Coolmax fabrics. This type of fabric is breathable which means that perspiration is evacuated easily to limit chafing. Many women complain about their sport bra fit because lots of brands advertise them as perfectly adequate for exercising while they are not. The Z bra guarantees comfort and support at all time because it is adapted to your actual chest circumference and cup size.

Medical Z designs post-operative bras for over 30 years. The technology in our products makes them medical devices whose features are proven effective for physical activities.

Everything you need to know after your arm lift


Sagging or flabby arms can be the result of multiple causes such as weight loss, age or genetic conditions. One of the main inconvenient with this condition is that it is a huge limit when it comes to finding the appropriate outfit. Unfortunately, no matter how strictly we follow a diet or how intensely we exercise, this skin is very difficult to get rid of. Indeed, the arm skin is sensitive to weight fluctuation and is one of the less elastic of our body. Plastic surgery procedures such as arm lift or arm liposuction are potential solutions to remove the excess skin or fat located in the arm.

Medical Z reveals everything you should know before undergoing such procedures in order to get the best outcomes.

  • Arm lift and liposuction: What is the difference?

As we mentioned before, sagging skin on the arms can be the result of different factors.  An arm liposuction’s goal is to remove excess fat in the arm, while an arm lift’s purpose is to remove excess skin. In some cases an arm liposuction alone can remove this sagging aspect. As for any liposuction, this procedure consists in small incisions through which the physician will insert cannulas that will remove the excess fat in localized areas. However, the arm liposuction sometimes is not enough to definitely get rid of the skin laxity. Thus, surgeons may recommend undergoing an arm lift. The technique for this procedure varies among surgeons. During your first meeting, your surgeon will tell you what technique is the most appropriate for your needs in order to guarantee the best possible results.
  • The procedure

There are two main techniques for arm lift surgeries: one consists of an incision along the arm inner side and the other one in a horizontal armpit incision. The inner side incision is very effective but leaves a scar on the inner part of the arm. The armpit incision is less visible since it is hidden in the armpit fold. However, it is only recommended when the excess skin is located on the upper part of the arm. If a liposuction is done along with the lift, your physician will most likely perform it before. As for a lift with armpit incisions, the arm liposuction incisions are usually located in a hidden fold of the armpit.
  • After the surgery

The surgical follow up for this procedure is similar to other surgical procedures. First of all, bruises and swelling can appear but will decrease within a couple of weeks after the surgery. You might feel some pain but that can be reduced with traditional pain-killers. You will also feel a strong tension of the skin surrounding the scars. Thus, it is very important to avoid stretching motions that could enlarge the scar. In most cases, your physicians will recommend that you wear a compression like sleeve to ensure better results.

Depending on your professional activity, you should be able to go back to work within a few days. However, you might have to wait a couple of months before being able to exercise again.

Before the procedure, you surgeon will inform you about all the dos and don’ts. Do not hesitate to ask him any question you might have when you first meet with him or during the follow up appointments.

  • The key to a perfect result: wearing the appropriate garment

Wearing the appropriate garment is the best way to limit potential disappointing results. As we said before, after the procedure, the area treated will be swollen. This swelling might even be more important if the lift was associated with a liposuction. To better get rid of the edema, compression sleeves ensure to apply the optimal pressure. Moreover, one of their main benefits is that they hold the tissues together. After an arm lift, the sleeves can help avoid waves or loose skin which guarantees ideal contours.

Medical Z’s Arm Sleeve garment is equipped with two Velcro straps, above and below the breast for maximum adjustability. Manufactured with Coolmax fabrics, this garment is ideal for liposuction of the arms, underarm areas and arm lift. For optimal arm lift outcomes, Medical Z recommends buying your Arm Sleeve one size larger than your actual size. For instance, if according to the measuring chart your size is a 1 we recommend you buy a size 2 (this only applies if you get an arm lift with no liposuction).   The quality of our fabrics and clinical research ensure that only one garment is needed to provide the full treatment required by your physician. – Shop now.

Men post surgical garments: the type you need for your procedure


In our modern and dynamic society, our physical appearance truly matters. With our fast paced changing environment, we all want to look ageless.  While plastic surgery used to help women to keep up with their time, it is becoming more and more popular among men. Even though their motivations might be different than women’s, men have access to a lot of surgical procedures to improve their images. For now, hair transplant remains their main interest when it comes to plastic surgery but shaping and contouring procedures are becoming really attractive to them. If, like many others, you are about to undergo a male plastic surgery procedure, your surgeon will recommend that you wear the appropriate men post-surgical garment. This article will reveal everything you need to know before making your choice on men post surgical garments.


What procedure do I need?


Men sometimes have to deal with an augmentation in the volume of their breast gland. The causes can be multiple, but they can be the result of hormonal imbalances or the use of certain type of medications. Men are usually very uncomfortable because of this condition and plastic surgery is usually their only way to get rid of it. Comparable to a woman breast reduction, the procedure consists in a few incisions through which the surgeon will remove the breast gland. In some cases, in order to harmonize the chest the surgeon will recommend a liposuction of the area surrounding the nipple.


Just like women, men can also experience localized excess fat on their bodies. Usually, this excess fat is resistant to any diet or exercise. Thus, a liposuction is sometimes the only way to get rid of those unflattering bulges. Using small cannulas, the physician will suction out this excess fat. Many zones can be treated such as the back, hips, thighs, abdomen, knees, calves, ankle and arms. You can refer to our article “liposuction garments: the key to get best possible outcomes” for more information about this procedure.


Age and weight loss can be responsible for an important skin sagging on men’s abdomens. Unfortunately, once the skin loses its elasticity, it is almost impossible to tighten it back. However it might be possible with an abdominoplasty, which consists in tightening up the abdominal muscles and lifting and removing the excess skin.Any of your questions regarding these procedures can be answered by your surgeon during the consultation.

Why do I need a men post-surgical garment?

The main reasons for wearing men post surgical garments are the fact that they guarantee faster recovery by reducing the swelling and supporting healthy blood circulation. They are also the key to facilitate movements and reduce the discomfort after the intervention.  Moreover, they maintain the tissues in place which ensures best possible outcomes.

When looking for the right men post surgical garments, make sure to look for breathable fabrics that will prevent sweating which could have some negative effects on the scarring process. You should also make sure to get the appropriate level of compression because it ensures best aesthetic results.

Medical Z manufactures men post-surgical garments for over 30 years. We provide you with innovative solutions for all your post-surgical needs.

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Liposuction garments: the key to best possible outcomes


Intense work out and strict diet are not always the key to a perfect body. Whether it’s on the arms, hips or thighs, we all tend to struggle losing the unflattering bulges that show underneath our clothes.  Fortunately, in some cases liposuction can help this excess fat to go away.  With thousands of proven results, liposuction is one of the most undergone cosmetic surgery procedures. After such a procedure, wearing a liposuction garment is really helpful for the healing and ensures best possible outcomes. This article will tell you everything you need to know for the best liposuction results.


How does it work?

A liposuction is a surgical procedure that intends to remove targeted excess fat which can’t go away with a diet or with exercise. The procedure consists of small incisions through which cannulas are inserted in order to suction out the excess fat. A large number of body zones can be treated with liposuction such as back, hips, thighs, abdomen, knees, calves, ankle and arms. With technical improvements, the shape of the face and neck can also be treated with liposuction.

Am I a right candidate for liposuction?

The perfect candidate for liposuction is someone who has a stable weight or is slightly overweight. Unlike what most people think, liposuction is only efficient on localized stubborn fat and has no effect on generalized body fat. Its main purpose is to redefine body contours. Best results are always achieved on people with good skin elasticity with very little cellulite problems.

What happens after the surgery?

As after any type of surgical procedure, there is a trauma. In response to this trauma, the body forms edema and ecchymosis (bleeding). This process comes along with swelling and bruising and can last for several weeks until the final result is visible. In most cases, the physicians will recommend that patients wear a liposuction garment that he will put on right after the surgery in the operating room. The liposuction garment is the key to outstanding results.

Why do I need a Liposuction garment?

Medical Z liposuction garments are the key to best possible outcomes. Indeed, patients have to wear them for 4 to 8 weeks depending on the surgeon.

Liposuction garments apply the optimal pressure on the treated areas which helps reducing the swelling and bruising. When making a selection on compression garments, patients have to be very careful to choose the size that fits them. If the garment is too tight, there will be too much pressure on the treated zone and instead of helping the reduction of the swelling it will have the opposite effect.

Liposuction procedures can be very painful and uncomfortable; wearing the appropriate liposuction garment improves patients’ post-operative experience. They support a good posture and help patients move more easily. Patients usually complain about the pain after the procedure because their bodies feel sore just as after an intense work out; wearing a liposuction garment reduces this feeling.

After a liposuction, the skin tissues might form ripples and bulges. This risk can be limited by wearing a liposuction garment which controls skin shrinkage and help with body contouring.

For an ideal result, patients should wear their liposuction garments day and night for the first weeks after the procedure. Medical Z’s innovative Coolmax fabric ensures breathability and protects the treated areas. Our ingenious design makes it very easy for patient to put it on and benefit from its healing advantages without experiencing the post-operative discomfort.

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