4 Benefits of Post-Surgery Girdles for Women

Women undergoing a plastic surgery procedure to transform their midsection need to wear the right compression garment during the recovery process. Many plastic surgeons recommend post-surgery girdles for women who undergo liposuction or a tummy tuck because the garments help to contain the tissues while the body and skin heal from the procedure. You may need to wear compression garments for four to eight weeks to aid in the recovery process as the body is changing.

Here are four benefits of post-surgery girdles for women:

  1. Limits Post-Operative Edema  Swelling or bruising is very common after liposuction and tummy tuck surgery. You won’t see the full results of your procedure until the swelling has resolved, but wearing a post-surgery girdle can help to reduce some of the swelling or bruising while still allowing you freedom of movement. Our compression garments are designed to apply the right amount of pressure to the tissue and reduce fluid retention. At this optimal pressure level, compression garments help to reduce normal postoperative edema without causing skin waves or circulation problems.
  2. Does Not Impede Circulation  Your plastic surgeon will most likely recommend walking to maintain healthy circulation after surgery. Healthy circulation is essential for optimal healing, and compression garments can reduce the risk of blood clots, which can put your health at risk. Medical Z has conducted a clinical study to discover the optimal level of pressure for proper aesthetic results of plastic surgery. This study showed that garments with a pressure of 17 to 21 mm Hg provided the best results, which is why all of Medical Z’s post-surgery garments are engineered to these specifications.
  3. Supports Ease of Movement Even though you may be sore for several weeks or even months after a plastic surgery procedure, you will need to walk (slowly, though) to help prevent blood clots and discourage swelling.. You will have to limit your physical activities for several weeks or months after the procedure but post-surgery girdles for women can allow you freedom of movement, which makes it easier to transition back into your regular activities, once approved by your surgeon.
  4. Ensures Optimal Results After liposuction or tummy tucks, the tissue will swell, and as it heals, there is a potential for bulges or skin waves to develop. Compression garments, like a post-surgery girdle, help to control skin shrinkage and achieve predictable aesthetic results. This helps to ensure that you can attain the new look you desire.
If you are undergoing liposuction or a tummy tuck procedure, shop our collection of post-surgical abdominal and liposuction garments to ensure you get the best possible results from your procedure.