Cosmetic surgery: Why surgeons recommend post-surgery garments?

After most cosmetic surgery procedures, it is recommended to use specific garments that will apply the optimal compression level on the treated zone. Not only do they limit the side effects of the surgery but also help reducing the postoperative discomfort. This article will reveal to you why surgeons usually recommend post-surgery garments after cosmetic surgery procedures.

What you should know before the surgery

The healing process is influenced by many different factors. Before the procedure your surgeon will explain to you everything about the operation and the healing process. It is very important that you follow all of the recommendations in order to achieve the best possible results. To facilitate the healing process, most surgeons recommend the use of post-surgery garments. These garments are designed to adapt to your body and to the zones where the surgery was performed. They are made out of specific material that guarantees comfort and breathability of the treated zones. You can refer to our article “Your guide to Post-Plastic Surgery Garments” to make your selection according to the operation you intend to get. 

EC035_lipopanty-highbackHow do they affect the healing process?

They ease movements After any aesthetic procedure you will most likely feel bloated and uncomfortable. Wearing the appropriate post surgery garments facilitate movements because it maintains the tissues of the treated zones

They reduce the healing time Post surgery garments support a healthy circulation, which makes it faster for the treated zones to recover from the procedure. Furthermore, they facilitate the scaring process because they keep the tissues and incisions in place.

They help with contouring With compression garments, the new body contours are easily maintained. Indeed, while bringing the optimal compression level, it helps the treated zone to get used to their new shape.

Post surgery garments are significantly helping the recovery process of most of the cosmetic surgery procedures. Medical Z manufactures high tech comfortable and breathable post surgery garments. Shop here.