Plastic surgery garments

A wide variety of cosmetic surgery
procedures require scientifically calibrated pressure therapy.

For example, in the case of liposuction, there is formation of post-operative edema ; an effect called “waves” that may also appear. In these cases a calculated compression is necessary to minimize the effects while allowing all muscular movement.

We offer a large array of plastic surgery garments available in different sizes as well as two different fabrics. Our CoolMax® and standard line both give the required pressure.The Medical Z® pressure is at your disposition for a wide variety of cosmetic surgery procedures.

Our Elegance line of garments is made with CoolMax® fabric by Dupont. CoolMax® is a revolutionary fabric that is more breathable and comfortable than any other garment available today.

It is embedded with a moisture management system that pulls moisture to the outer layer of fabric and dries quickly. The fabric is specifically engineered with a four channel fiber system that allows air to easily permeate the garment. CoolMax® fabric is ideal for post operative garments since these garments are recommended to be worn 6 to 8 weeks immediately following the surgery. 

At Medical Z® we have a goal to provide a calculated pressure – Medical Z ® fabric brings you the required results.

A line of specific plastic and cosmetic surgery garments for every surgical procedure is available in different sizes.

  • Equalized tension of horizontal and vertical expansion optimizes uniform pressure, making the garments comfortable enough to wear immediately following surgery.
  • Seams lay flat on the garment interior, using the same technique for the manufacturing of the custom-made compression garments for burn patients. As a result of a clinical evaluation, each garment is considered to be a medical device. More than 200 patients per product were evaluated to determine the correct controlled pressure and the length of use necessary for the garments to be effective.

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