Fabric testing laboratory

Medical Z® implements tests at the factory prior to delivery, conducts both quality control and research in its own fabric-testing laboratory based in Saint Avertin – Touraine, France.

& Reliability

Medical Z® measures and controls the quality of its fabrics daily (Standard, CoolMax® and Fresh Fabrics®) with state of the art equipment (extensometer, perspirometer, steam equipment, light testing equipment).

These tests include :

  • Compressive force scale (NF G 30 102-B)
  • Color fastness to water and friction (NF EN 20105-A02/03, NF EN ISO 105 E 01, NF EN ISO 105-X12)
  • Dimensional stability (NF EN ISO 5077)
  • Extension (NF EN ISO 14704-1)

& development

Medical Z® has the necessary tools to implement R&D for future products at its fabric-testing laboratory.
Medical Z®‘s goal is to provide a better future for its patients by providing quality plastic surgery garments.