Medical Z® therapeutic garments are warranted for a period of two months against defects in materials and workmanship.
Medical Z® garments offer one of the longest warranties in the industry.

All our custom made pressure garments for burns are guaranteed to fit if the initial fitting is within (2) two weeks from the date of manufacturing. If a garment needs adjustment, please make sure the garment is pre-washed before returning to Medical Z® .

We reserve the right not to accept garments which have not been properly washed.

Pressure Garment Care

Medical Z® manufactures garments with three different fabrics. Please refer to the garment tag located on the inside of your garment before washing. Garments made with our Standard materials will contain care instructions printed in BLUE, Garments made with CoolMax® material will contain care instructions printed in BLACK and Garments made with the Interim material will contain care instructions printed in GREEN.

Standard and Interim Fabric

Please hand wash in a phosphate free soap such as ivory soap or neutrogena and air dry.
Do not use the washing machine or dryer to wash or dry the garments and do not use bleach or dyes.

Coolmax® Fabric

Garments with Coolmax® are machine washable, gentle cycle in cold water with a phosphate free soap such as IVORY SNOW POWDER or NEUTROGENA and AIR DRY.

Do not use a dryer to dry the garments. Do not use BLEACH or DYES.

The Warranty is void if washing instructions are not followed. The elasticity of the fabric will be lost if the garment is not properly maintained.
The loss of the elasticity of the fabric will decrease effectiveness of the pressure garment and may compromise rehabilitation of the burn.


The seams of your garments are designed to ensure a comfortable fit without provoking itching or irritation of the skin. These seams are not designed to withstand abuse from working or walking in shoes without wearing socks. Therefore, when wearing any Pressure Garment, you need to ensure that you protect it from abuse by wearing outer protection garments.

Any type of glove or sock will suffice. It is most efficient to have two sets of pressure garments for burns, one to wear while the other is being hand washed and air dried. Think of your Pressure Garment as your Skin You should wear your garments continuously except for bathing and therapy.

This provides the most efficient healing.
Medical Z® garments help new cells grow in the orderly way that nature intended.