Service policy

Medical Z ® specializes in customized pressure garments.
We recognize that superior materials manufactured in a superior fashion don’t meet customer needs without superior service. We are dedicated to providing that service to both clients and patients.


Superior service is the cornerstone of our success.
For more than 25 years we have been a pacesetter in developing innovative ways to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our patients.

  • Our custom made surgical support garments are delivered within eight working days or they are free.
  • Medical Z gives the patients a custom garment that is fitted to their precise measurements.
  • A choice of colors which are the result of extensive tests to assure that they will provide controlled pressure.
  • Toll free customer service, ordering, and tracking line.
  • Comprehensive in-service literature, training, and seminars for Physicians and Therapists.
  • Competitive Pricing.
  • A clearly distinguishable level of personal attention to the patients and hospital to receive positive results and optimum wound healing.
  • Pressure garments that are guaranteed to fit with no extra charges for alterations.
  • Medical Z® garments are guaranteed for 2 months.
  • Service Centers and representatives throughout the United States and Europe.


  • Our Colored garments deliver the required pressure assuring the patients optimum wound healing.
  • Each roll of fabric is tested on sophisticated, tension measuring instruments for quality and elasticity.
  • Our fabric is the result of an exhaustive analysis of 107 textiles which provide controlled pressure in all directions.
  • Lighter fabrics mean less discomfort and increased patient compliance.


Pressure garments that are designed for the convenience of the patients.

  • We can put pockets in the garment to give added pressure when needed.
  • Medical Z garments that contain Zippers are lined with velvet to avoid patient discomfort.
  • We do not put seams under the arms. Our garments give the patients controlled pressure with horizontal and vertical expansion to optimize mobility.
  • Measurements are done in cm, giving more accurate measurements and less chance of error.
  • Seams are double sewn for durability and seams lay flat on the interior for aesthetic, as well as added patient comfort.
  • We make diagonal seams that control pressure.
  • Elasticity and design of the garments resist “Bunching” or pinching that create skin waves, and reduce comfort, and interfere with proper therapeutic pressure.
  • Gloves have seams that are convex for ease in adjusting.

With over 25 years of knowledgeable experience, Medical Z® places a continuous emphasis on finding new ways to assist the healing process.
This has earned us the reputation world wide as the “QUALITY AND SERVICE INNOVATORS” in pressure therapy and plastic surgery industries. It is a reputation we intend to uphold.
We are proud to have developed these skills and we would like to share our results with you.