For Patients

Medical Z® : The ultimate compression garment and scar management experience for your post-Surgical needs.

Medical Z® offers a wide range of plastic surgery compression garments (Zbra®, Lipo Panty® and Belts) offering efficiency and comfort for all post-surgery outcomes.

Medipatch Gel Z® and Medigel Z® are effective and patient friendly since it is available in variety of sizes and shapes.

Why compression ?

Compression is needed to control the inflammation and the oedema immediately after surgery.
It also soften the skin and improve support and comfort after a procedure.
Medical Z® compression garments are manufactured with Lycra CoolMax® fabric : this fabric is more breathable and comfortable than any other fabric on the market today.

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Scar management gels

Scar Management Gels are used to prevent & treat scars after surgery including plastic surgery, aesthetic, orthopedics and podiatry.
Medical Z® is a combination of a tri-block co-polymer and H1 Class Mineral Oil.
Our gels are economical, they last 3-6 times longer than silicone sheets and expand and conform to your movements.
It can be used in conjunction with compression garments.

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Quality and Comfort are essential for optimum compression and support after surgery.


How to order

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