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Optimal Post surgical Healing: Why compression garments are essential?

After most of the body contouring procedures in plastic surgery, patients are recommended to wear a compression garment. Depending on the surgeon and the procedure, garments are to be worn for up to 8 weeks after the surgery. Not only they are the key to optimal results but they also make the post-operative experience a lot easier. Patients usually don’t know why wearing a compression garment for post surgical purposes is essential. This article will tell you everything you should know regarding the benefits of compression after surgery.


1- Support healthy healing Wearing a compression garment that provides even pressure around the abdominal area supports the healing process. Indeed, compression garments help to maintain healthy blood circulation around the treated tissues so they can heal quickly and limit the risk of blood clot formation.

  2- Reduce post-operative discomfort After the surgery, patients experience significant swelling and water retention. Excess fluid buildup can cause discomfort and may even interfere with the post surgical healing process. Wearing the appropriate compression garment can control swelling and reduce the risk of excessive water retention around the treated areas and surrounding tissues.

  3- Facilitate movements As we mentioned before, surgical procedures can bring an important discomfort. Indeed, the swelling of the treated tissue can come along with soreness, tension and tingling. Compression garments can significantly reduce this discomfort making it easier for patients to move and to improve their posture.

  4- Help to achieve best possible results After a surgical procedure, there is a risk that bulges form in the skin. This risk can be limited by wearing a compression garment because it helps the tissues to keep in place. Furthermore, it helps controlling skin shrinkage that may occur after the surgery.
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