Surgeons who perform breast reduction procedures understand that applying uniform levels of pressure to each breast is important to the overall aesthetic outcome of the surgery.



During a procedure, either the surgeon or an assistant will hold the breast tissue in place; however, this restricts mobility and increases the chance of fatigue.

The Mammostat tool is a one-of-a-kind medical device designed to hold the breast tissue in place and apply constant, uniform pressure, allowing the surgeon the freedom to use both hands while working on the treatment area. This proven device reduces the risk of operation fatigue for surgeons and assistants.


About the Mammostat Tool:

  • Professor Costagliola developed the Mammostat tool. It is a revolutionary device that has been used in Europe for more than 15 years with great success. It is a reusable device that is easily sterilized in an autoclave or with an ethylene oxide solution.

    Without the Mammostat tool, a surgeon may need to assign the task of applying pressure to the breast tissue throughout the breast reduction procedure to an assistant. With the Mammostat tool, a circumferential constant pressure is applied, allowing for ease of de-epithelization. This frees up the surgical assistant to perform other surgery-related tasks. The tool has helped many surgeons around the world to perform successful procedures.