Medigel Z® Sheet




MEDIGEL Z® is a conforming material which will last for extended period of use. The gel is an association of a co-polymer and a mineral oil, H1 class (U.S.P.mineral grade oil). The gel is then coated on a fabric to obtain sheets of different sizes or coated on a clear ?lm. MEDIGEL Z® is non adhesive.

MEDIGEL Z® helps prevent the formation of hypertrophic scars before the stage of Keloid scars, regardless of the origin – Surgery, Trauma, Burn. The use of MEDIGEL Z® is suggested as a preventive method after the closing of the wounds (8th or 10th day) or just after apparition of the first sign of hypertrophic scars. The earliness of use of MEDIGEL Z® increases the chance of maturation of the scar. It may be used in conjunction with pressure garments, or be held in place with hypo-allergenic bands.

Tests have shown that the cutaneous tolerance was excellent in the recommended conditions of use. However, it is necessary that the patient remains under regular medical surveillance.
MEDIGEL Z® will last for 10-12 weeks without degradation.

MEDIGEL Z® shall not be applied directly, on dripping or infected wounds and injured or damaged skin.

How to maintain Medipatch Gel Z® and Medigel Z® by Medical Z?