Cesarpatch Gel Z®


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Association of a co-polymer and a mineral oil, H1 class (U.S.P.mineral grade oil). The gel is then coated on a fabric to obtain sheets of different sizes or coated on a clear. MEDIPATCH GEL Z® is self adhesive.

MEDIPATCH GEL Z® helps prevent the formation of hypertrophic scars before the stage of Keloid scars, regardless of the origin – Surgery, Trauma, Burn. The use of MEDIPATCH GEL Z® is suggested as a preventive method after the closing of the wounds (8th or 10th day) or just after apparition of the first sign of hypertrophic scars. The earliness of use of MEDIPATCH GEL ZTM increases the chance of maturation of the scar.

Tests have shown that the cutaneous tolerance was excellent in the recommended conditions of use. However, it is necessary that the patient remains under regular medical surveillance. MEDIPATCH GEL Z® will last for 6-8 weeks without degradation.

MEDIPATCH GEL Z® shall not be applied directly, on dripping or infected wounds and injured or damaged skin.

– 1 piece
– Box (12-pack)

How to maintain Medipatch Gel Z® and Medigel Z® by Medical Z?