Thin Medipatch Gel Z® Sheet (Transparent)



A combination of a tri-block copolymer and a mineral oil for medical use of class H1. The resulting material is either welded to a fabric to form flexible sheets of different sizes or welded to an elastic fabric to form flexible sleeves of different circumferences or bands.

Indications :
MEDIGEL Z® helps prevent the appearance of hypertrophic scars before the keloid scar stage, regardless of their origin: surgery, trauma, burns.
It reduces redness and hypertrophy of scars.
MEDIGEL Z® can be used as a preventive measure as soon as the wound is completely closed (around the 10th day), i.e. as soon as the first signs of scar hypertrophy appear. The early use of MEDIGEL Z® increases the chances of normalization of healing.

The various products in the range are particularly well suited to scars on the limbs and to scars that are not easily accessible to traditional pressotherapy.

MEDIGEL Z® is prescribed by a health professional. It is necessary that the patient remain under regular medical surveillance.

Instructions for use :
MEDIGEL Z® sheets or MEDIGEL Z® sleeves and strips can be cut with scissors to an appropriate size to cover the scar. Care should be taken not to leave any sharp indentations in the material. Sharp indentations serve to concentrate stress. By minimizing them, accidental tearing can be reduced.

Plates and strips can be held in place with hypoallergenic adhesives. The sleeves should stand loosely on their own. Depending on the case, and on the physician’s instructions, additional support can be provided by a simple elastic band or a MEDICAL Z® compression garment.

The physician is the only judge of the duration of daily application. Apply MEDIGEL Z® for 2 to 3 consecutive hours, gradually increasing to 7 or 8 hours over an 8-days period.

Generally it is applied after the morning wash, and after the habituation period, it is kept in place until the evening wash. It is important to apply MEDIGEL Z® to healthy, dry skin to avoid maceration.

The duration of the treatment must be determined by the physician who will decide whether to interrupt or modify it if necessary.

How to maintain Medipatch Gel Z® and Medigel Z® by Medical Z?