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Post-operative abdominal belt.

The abdominal belt is a support for the post-operative follow-up after a plastic surgery of the abdomen. Additionally, it compensate for any temporary deficiency of the abdominal wall without pathological character (post-partum, post-operative condition).

It allows to exert a uniform and quantified pressure on the whole treated area.

It is intended to support the tissues by maintaining them in their new shape. It prevents post-operative edema, facilitates healing, and limits skin laxity.

The integrated foam into some belt models allows compression to be applied to concave areas or areas that are more difficult to compress.

The abdominal belt is available in standard or Coolmax® fabric. The latter, thermoregulation, allows moisture to be evacuated towards the outer layer of the fabric.

For optimal effectiveness, the application of the abdominal belt is done immediately after the operation. The duration of application depends on the medical prescription.

The first application must be done by a health professional.



74% Polyamide – 26 % Elastane


The abdominal belt must not be worn directly on injured skin.


Machine wash at 30°C maximum with a natural soap-based detergent. Do not use a tumble dryer. It is recommended to wash the garment before wearing it for the first time.


The sizes indicated correspond to the measurements taken before surgery. Additional sizes can be made to measure.

How to properly measure for post-surgical Medical Z® garments