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A Medical Z garment for every surgery

A post-op bra as a sport bra:

To reduce edema and inflammation after breast surgery, your surgeon will recommend a post-operative bra. If you thought that this bra would not serve you any longer, think again! These bras are actually designed to provide the best possible support and are therefore perfect for exercise.


What happens to the chest while exercising?

Physical activity has a very important impact on the chest. The weight of the chest can increase up to 5 times with movement, which can be very painful. In many sports practices such as running or jumping, the chest is very stressed, especially our Cooper’s ligaments, which are responsible for maintaining the chest.

Over time, if the chest is not maintained properly, it can lead to a drooping effect. It is therefore important to wear a bra that will limit these movements.

Why a post-operative bra is perfect while having a physical activity?

Post-operative bras are designed to provide the necessary support to the chest. One of their main advantages is that they provide support for the breasts after surgery. The compression level is perfectly adapted, this also applies to physical activity.

Moreover, designed with Coolmax technology, they allow transpiration to easily evacuate and avoid friction. The Zbra guarantees comfort and support, particularly adapted to your chest size and your cap with medical expertise.


How a compression garment can help you through your weight loss journey?


Losing a lot of weight is very difficult and also very fulfilling. This process can come with side effects that can be difficult to manage. Doctors may recommend the use of an abdominal belt during the weight loss process.

After a lifestyle change or surgery, here are a few tips to help you better adapt to your new body shape.

First, it is important to know that skin tissues have been getting used to being stretched for a long time. As a result, the skin has lost its elasticity and has difficulty adapting to sudden changes. That is why, considerable skin excess can be visible on the body and cause significant discomfort. The most affected parts of the body are the arms, chest, stomach, thighs and buttocks.

Currently, there is no approved technique to avoid having distended skin. Many factors can have more or less impact on this slackening of the skin. For example, it can be influenced by the amount of weight lost and the weight loss duration.

Wearing an abdominal compression garment can also be effective during weight loss.


When skin excess becomes embarrassing because it is too significant, many people have recourse to plastic and reconstructive surgery. However, it comes with many risks and is quite expensive. In addition, as long as the weight loss process is not complete, there is no point in having surgery since the skin could sag again.



Daily benefits of wearing a compression garment (or after an important weight loss):

The feeling of discomfort caused by excess skin can be really frustrating. Excess tissue can bother people who can’t fully enjoy their accomplishment.  Wearing a compression garment can be really beneficial because it helps to keep the tissues in place and provides good support.


  • It slims the waist and hips

One of the advantages of wearing a compression garment is that it reduces the waist and hips by up to 7 cm. It is impressive to be able to lose up to two sizes simply by wearing a compression garment. However, it is important to remember that it has no effect on weight. The magic disappears as soon as you stop wearing it.


  • You can get rid of your unwanted rolls

Plastic surgery compression garments provide the ideal compression on small fat deposits and give them a smoother appearance, so you won’t have to worry about the small bumps that sometimes appear under your clothes. Post-operative garments for liposuction have a very clear slimming effect: they improve the silhouette and dissimulate underwear marks.


  • It can improve your posture

They provide the necessary pressure on the lower back and abdomen to correct your posture when sitting or standing as well as lengthening your body shape.


  • Absolutely safe

Unlike other binders or shapers, a compression garment will not cause any damage to your body structure.

Studied to provide optimal comfort, you will look slimmer without having difficulty breathing and without any harmful effect on the position of your inner organs. If you can’t be able to wear your compression garment all day without discomfort, it means that it is too small and can event lead to health problems. Our Medical Z garments are made in collaboration with specialists to ensure your therapeutic needs and comfort.



How to hide your compression garment under your clothes?

Here are some tips to ensure total discretion of your compression garments under your favorite outfits:

  • Make sure it is the right size to avoid sagging

At MedicalZ, we have a complete line of compression garments designed for all body sizes and shapes.


  • Layer the clothes

It will be very easy for you to hide the compression garments under your clothes when you lay them on top of each other. Much easier to do during the winter months, you can always layer lighter clothing during the warmer months


  • Choose garments made from lightweight fabrics

Many compression garment manufacturers use heavy materials and can be very difficult to hide. Choose garments made with lightweight fabrics, durable skin-friendly materials to feel like a second skin, such as Coolmax or Fresh Fabrics.


A maternity belt to make your pregnancy easier :

The two last trimesters of pregnancy can be physically challenging because your body is undergoing major changes. It is even more important to take care of yourself during this period and  wearing a pregnancy belt can help relieve your posture or some discomfort in several areas:


  • Regulate fluid retention :

This can be important particularly if there is an important weight gain. A  support  around the waist can help reduce water retention and make the day more enjoyable.


  • Relieves back and neck pain :

Imbalance in the way you carry your weight can very frequently lead to back and neck pain. A pregnancy belt can provide the ideal support to relieve stress and tension.


  • Reduces effects of sciatica :

This back pain can extend into the leg along the sciatic nerve. A pregnancy belt can also relieve these pains.


Visitez les ceintures de grossesse MedicalZ

Science behind our scar management gels :


Various studies have shown the effectiveness of polymers in the prevention of scar formation. Scar treatment gels such as Medigel Z®, a combination of tri-block copolymer and mineral oil class H1, help prevent the formation of hypertrophic scars before the keloid stage. Medigel Z® can be used as soon as the lesion has closed to facilitate proper healing.


Medigel Z® has been shown to have more elasticity and is guaranteed for 12 weeks.  It can also be effective in protecting the scar area from irritation.

Using the same technology as Medigel Z®, Medipatch Gel Z® is designed from the same technology and adheres easily to all body surfaces. The patches are extensible and adapt to the patient’s movements. They can be cut to the desired size. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to cover different parts of the body. Whether you are undergoing breast surgery, liposuction or abdominoplasty, you can prevent the development of keloid scars by regularly applying our innovative products to treat your scars. These sheets last three to six times longer than silicone sheets, a well-known post-operative treatment.


Medipatch Thin patches cover the scar and are practically invisible under clothing. They are available in transparent fabric-covered sheets and can be cut to the desired size to provide full coverage of the scar.

What you need to know to get your dream buttock:

Preferences vary from person to person regarding the size and shape of the buttocks. In order to make the buttocks firmer, exercise is often very effective but not always sufficient. You can then have cosmetic surgery and implants placed. Their purpose is to correct the shape of the buttocks and increase their volume.

This will tell you some things you need to know about buttock implants so that you can achieve the best possible results.


How does it work ?

The intervention :

Before the procedure, your surgeon will give you all the details about the operation and will determine the volume and shape of the implant that suits best your morphology.

The procedure lasts approximately one hour and is conducted under general anesthesia. The technique is different for each surgeon but in most cases the incisions through which the implants are inserted are made between the buttocks so that they are not visible. For optimal results, your surgeon may even recommend liposuction of the areas around the buttocks.


After the intervention :

The first few days after the operation are often very uncomfortable because of the pain, all areas around the buttocks usually bruise and are inflamed. In order to reduce side effects, it is very important that you strictly follow your medical prescription. Your surgeon will ask you to remain in a standing position as much as possible and to avoid sitting directly on the prostheses.


Wear the adapted compression garment to get the best possible results:

By applying the right compression level, it helps the edema to resorb and reduce inflammation, making it easier to walk and move around. The right compression garment minimizes the risk of skin rippling by holding the tissue in place.


Results :

You will probably have to wait several months for the final result until the implants can take their final position and the skin return to normal. Scars that are initially very red will fade over time.


Why choosing MedicalZ after your buttock’s implants surgery?

MedicalZ has 40 years of expertise in medical compression and custom-made garments to suit the specificities of each body and needs.

Discover our products such as the Lipo-Panty Elegance, open at the buttocks. With adjustable and detachable shoulder straps and two rows of hooks for a perfect fit and a crotch opening.

Facemask :  how to reach outstanding facial cosmetic surgery resullts ?

When it comes to the face, patients are often very anxious about the results they will get after surgery. Indeed, we are not only affected physically, but also mentally because we can radically change our appearance.In some cases, the healing process can be very long and wearing a compression mask can be helpful.

Here are some things to know about facial compression to achieve optimal results.


  • Before the procedure :

You will meet with your surgeon during a consultation where he/she will explain all you need to know. There are different types of facial surgery. The most common are face lift, liposuction and chin surgery.

The facelift aims to remove loose skin excess from the face that may occur as a result of significant weight loss or simply due to aging.

Liposuction of the chin helps to reduce fat excess.

Finally, chin surgery aims to harmonize the shape of the face and can either consist of implant placement or bone reduction.

In most cases, your surgeon will recommend that you wear a post-operative compression mask.

  • Key benefits of facial compression:

After facial surgery, the body reacts to the trauma. First, the lower face and neck are very inflamed. This reaction usually creates significant discomfort and can be very painful. Wearing a compression mask will help reduce this discomfort by facilitating the resorption of the edema.

Why post-surgery compression is essential ?

Compression garments, such as the MedicalZ Presslift, apply the optimal level of compression, which facilitates blood circulation and therefore ensures better incision healing, reduces recovery time and limits the formation of  hematomas.

Drooping arms can be the result of multiple causes such as weight loss, age or genetic factors. Unfortunately, no matter how much you diet or exercise, it can be difficult to get rid of this skin excess. In fact, the arm skin in particular because it is one of the least elastic in our body.

To get rid of this skin or fat excess, there are cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction or arm lift.

MedicalZ tells you some important things you need to know before undergoing this type of procedure to get the best possible results.


Liposuction and arm lift: what is the difference ?

An arm liposuction aims to remove a fat excess whereas an arm lift aims to remove skin excess. In some cases, only a liposuction can be enough to get rid of a slagging skin. If it’s not enough, a surgeon can recommend an arm lift. The used technique is different according to the specialist, who is going to explain you all you need to know to get the best possible results.

More about liposuction


All you need to know about the arm lift:

  • The intervention :

There are two main surgical techniques. The first one consists of making an incision along the inner part of the arm, the second consists of making a small horizontal incision in the armpit.  The first technique is very effective, but its disadvantage is that it leaves a visible scar on the inner arm. The second technique is less visible because it is hidden by the fold of the armpit. If liposuction is to be performed as well, it is usually performed first.

Do not hesitate to ask all your questions to your surgeon during your consultations in order to obtain the best result.

  • After the procedure :

The postoperative effects are similar to other surgical procedures. Inflammation of the area accompanied by hematomas and high tension in the scars can cause pain. It is therefore important to limit movement to avoid enlarging the scars.

In most cases your surgeon will recommend that you wear a sleeve-type compression garment to ensure better results.

To help eliminate edema more quickly, compression sleeves apply the optimal compression level in addition to holding the tissue in place. After an arm lift, compression sleeves help limit the formation of waves or distended skin on the arms.

Depending on your professional activity, you should be able to return to work after a few days. However, you will probably have to wait a few months before going back to physical activity.

The post-operative bra is very important in the recovery process. The purpose of this type of bra is to apply the right compression level to reduce inflammation while helping the tissues take on their final positions and shape until they have completely healed. The right post-operative bra can help prevent irritation during the healing process and also reduce the risk of skin abnormalities in the breast tissue, such as ripples. Finally, it will allow you more freedom of movement despite the discomfort caused by the surgery.


Why do I need to wear a post-operative bra after my breast surgery?

For any breast surgery, augmentation, reduction or lifting, the post-operative bra will help hold the tissues and dressings in place to ensure the safety of the surgery and the best possible results. After surgery, fluid retention, inflammation and swelling can cause pain and discomfort. A good compression bra will help to reduce these which slow down the healing and recovery process.


After a breast augmentation, the post-operative bra will also help to keep the implants in place during the body’s adjustment time and will allow the patient to move around. You will be asked to avoid lifting objects or doing physical exercise for several weeks after surgery. However, even small movements can cause the implants to move if you are not wearing the adequate support clothing.

After a breast reduction, the post-operative bra will allow the body to heal and allow the skin to retract once the fat excess tissue has been removed.

What makes a good bra: the 5 key elements?

Women undergoing breast reduction, augmentation or lifting must wear a post-operative bra for several weeks after their intervention. This is an important factor in the healing and recovery process. It is therefore important to choose correctly the compression garment that will accompany you during these few weeks.

Here are four criteria to keep in mind when choosing this post-operative bra:


  1. The big elastic band

The wide elastic band around the rib cage is the bra’s support center, where tensions are mainly concentrated.

  1. The real cup confection and the under bust band

This allows the anatomical shape of the breast to be respected and a perfect positioning on each breast besides an excellent submammary fold support.

  1. The front closing with zipper

This type of closure avoids tension on the sensitive tissues and thus ensures post-operative comfort and safety.

In particular, avoid hook closure that allow the degree of compression to be changed. Indeed, after a breast surgery, the degree of compression must be uniform and constant for a homogeneous healing and a balanced support.

  1. Wide adjustable straps

The width of the shoulder straps allows the weight to be distributed over a larger surface area and therefore relieves shoulders strain. The adjustability option allows the patient to adapt perfectly the bra for optimal results.

  1. The right breathable fabric

You will have to wear your post-surgery bra for almost 23/24 hours, so make sure you choose one that is made from high quality, breathable fabric to improve the recovery process while ensuring your comfort.

Do I need a mammary strap option?

The question of the container only arises when implants are placed. A post-operative bra with a container is recommended mainly if the intervention technique is under muscular (or under pectoral) to avoid migration of the implant (periprosthetic retractile fibrosis).

What is the difference between a post-operative bra and a traditional one?

A post-operative bra is meticulously designed to fit your new silhouette, especially to support the tissues sensitized by the operation.

They are more comfortable because the materials used are breathable, lined at the time of fabrication, and wide adjustable straps help relieve the weight on the shoulders.

A post-operative bra exerts an effective and constant pressure that ensures the support of the tissues or implants and allows you to move more easily during the recovery phase without damaging the treated area while ensuring a good blood circulation.

Traditional bras can limit the movement of swollen tissue, the underwire can cause discomfort and the lace does not provide any support. Since they cannot provide the necessary level of support, they can even interfere with the results.

Although the motivations are different, aesthetic surgery is becoming more and more popular among men who are attracted to body contouring surgery. If you are about to have it, your surgeon will recommend you wear a post-operative garment for a better recovery by improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation. It also facilitates mobility by reducing the discomfort caused by the operation.

The optimal compression studied by MedicalZ helps to properly distribute scar tissue and minimize any swelling or waves that may develop after surgery. Tissue is thus maintained for the best possible results.


Post-surgery compression, why is it essential?


Which intervention is made for me?


Sometimes the volume of the mammary gland increases. The causes can be multiple, such as the result of a hormonal disorder or event due to certain medications. Men are generally very embarrassed by this and in most cases, the only way for them to get rid of it is through plastic surgery. Comparable to a breast reduction in women, the procedure consists of making a few incisions through which the surgeon will remove the mammary gland. In some cases, in order to harmonize the bust, the surgeon may also recommend liposuction of the area around the nipple.



As women, men can also develop localized fat deposits located on different parts of their bodies. In general, this fat excess is resistant to both dieting and physical activity. Liposuction is often the only way to get rid of it. Using small cannulas, the surgeon will suck out this fat excess. Many areas can be treated such as the back, hips, thighs, stomach, calves, knees and arms.

More about liposuction



Age and weight loss can be responsible for a significant loosening of the skin on the belly. Unfortunately, when the skin becomes slack it is practically impossible to regain its elasticity. However, in some cases it is possible to tighten the abdominal muscles and remove excess skin with an abdominoplasty.

More about abdominoplasty


Most common compressive garments for men :

Wearing a compression garment for several weeks after any type of plastic surgery procedure offers many advantages to the patient. These garments are designed to fit the body and apply constant pressure to the tissues in the exact right places. Male patients having torso, waist or back liposuction or abdominoplasty can choose any of the mentioned compression garments, specifically designed for men.

When you choose MedicalZ, you only need one garment for the entire healing phase.


Half Torso Z-Belt MedicalZ (S/005):

A half-torso Z-belt may be needed when the patient is undergoing liposuction of the flanks or lower abdomen. It is designed with a pocket-padding insert and adjustable open crotch to provide extra support. These belts are very lightweight in construction, so they are not noticeable under pants or shorts.


Full Torso Z-Belt:

Male patients undergoing tummy-tuck surgery or liposuction of the lower abdomen, lower back, and flanks may benefit from wearing a full torso Z-Belt. These are designed with a Velcro closure for easy removal and a pocket-padding insert for extra comfort. They provide the extra support the patient needs in the midsection and the lower back.


Abdominal binder :

Many plastic surgeons recommend wearing an abdominal binder for several weeks after surgery. The binder provides just the right level of support to the lower back, flanks, and lower abdomen. Only one garment is needed for the entire course of the healing process and is completely adjustable to account for any swelling and changes of the body’s contours during recovery.


Combination garment:

Patients undergoing any type of body contouring surgery of the abdomen, upper thighs, and buttocks may need to wear a combination garment during the recovery process. These garments cover the upper body and upper half of the lower body to provide support after liposuction of the back, flanks, abdomen, hips, or thighs. The zipper-front closure makes it easy to take the garment on and off without affecting the incisions.


Roméo (Half-Vest) :

Male patients undergoing liposuction of the chest, upper abdominal area, or upper back may need to wear a half vest during the recovery phase. This vest, with a front-zipper closure, is made with a lightweight fabric to ensure optimum comfort. Its fits snugly and is not visible underneath clothing. Medical Z’s Romeo is lined with velveteen backing for an extra layer of comfort.

Comment le Sizing Zbra réduit de 90 % le besoin de pratiquer une opération corrective ?

The patient satisfaction is paramount for all surgeons. There may be cases where something interferes with the recovery process and does not completely allow it.

Encouraging patients to wear MedicalZ’s Sizing Zbra may reduce the need for corrective surgery after breast augmentation surgery. This adjustable bra allows for an esthetically correct estimate that can increase the chances of a positive result.


This is how the Sizing Zbra help reducing up to 90% the need to realize a corrective surgery:

  • First, this measuring bra allows you to have realistic expectations about the outcome of the intervention. By encouraging the communication between the surgeon and the patient during the consultation, it makes it easier for the patient to face what to expect.
  • Available in several cups to best meet the patient’s needs.
  • Adjustable and conceived with asymmetric cups, the Sizing Zbra is adaptable to all breasts specificities and determines which implants and sizes are the best.


How the MedicalZ Mammostat can help surgeons during a reduction breast surgery?

Many surgeons use a mammostat when performing breast reduction interventions. It is an innovative device developed by Professor Costagliola over the past 20 years, designed to hold breast tissue firmly in place during the operation. It is an invaluable addition to the tools available to a plastic surgeon and offers many advantages for both patient and surgeon.

MedicalZ’s Mammostat can help surgeons during breast reduction surgery by applying constant pressure to different parts of the breast to hold the tissue in place.

This tool will allow you to better control the positioning of the breast tissue and thus perform the procedure with high precision and better comfort for the staff who can then concentrate all efforts on performing the procedure.


How a compression garment made of Coolmax fabric can improve your patients’ results?

Surgical patients are usually required to wear a compression garment over the operated area for several weeks after surgery. A compression garment made of Coolmax fabric can play an important role in the recovery process for several reasons:

  • Materials are comfortable, breathable and have a high solar index (40 to 50 SPF). The thermoregulating fibers attract moisture to the outer surface of the tissue so that the skin remains dry and the healing process is clean. In addition, it allows patients who live in hot and humid climates to take advantage of these Coolmax benefits in their daily activities.
  • The level of compression applied is ideal (see our *clinical studies) and uniform throughout the treated area, providing the best aesthetic results and patient comfort during the recovery period.
  • Available in 3 colors and conceived to be skin-friendly for the best comfort.

After abdominoplasty or liposuction, your surgeon may recommend that you wear a post-surgical binder for several weeks during the recovery phase. It will serve to hold the tissue in place as you heal and can also be very effective in reducing bruising and swelling by favoring a good blood circulation.

Many patients feel more comfortable during the recovery phase when they wear a post-surgical binder day and night, because it facilitates mobility while bringing constant pressure to the operated areas.

If you are planning to have an abdominoplasty or an abdominal liposuction, your surgeon may recommend that you wear a post-surgery belt during the recovery phase. Wearing a compression garment while the tissue and skin is healing can provide more comfort during the recovery process and also have a positive effect on the final aesthetic result minimizing bulges or waves.

What is a post surgery belt made for ?

  • Reduces swelling, minimizes the wave effect and helps the healing process :

If you had a large amount of fat removed during your intervention, your skin may be flabby. Without proper compression, it can cause bumps or waves. Wearing a compression sleeve or belt can help keep the skin in an appropriate position and keep your new shape smooth. An adequate compression will also help reduce swelling and edema to support the healing process.

  • Allows a good repartition of the cicatricial tissue:

By helping to compress and stabilize skin and tissue around the incision areas, compression garments promote healthy blood circulation around the treated tissue that will support the recovery process. A pressure of 17-21 mmHg is indicated to produce the best aesthetic results.

  • Improve your daily comfort after a surgery:

Waiting for bruising and swelling to resolve can be painful. Wearing compression garments in the post-operative phase relieves some of this discomfort and makes daily life easier. You can slowly resume your activities with the help of a binder that provides additional support.


Post-operative belts, not only for liposuction:

These types of clothes are not only beneficial for people undergoing liposuction. The special design and fabrics used to make these binders provide many benefits also for those who wish to lose weight and for anyone who needs extra support around the abdomen and lower back.

Here are some of the advantages of post-operative belts after or without a body contouring procedure :

  • For a good posture :

It will be easier for you to stand and sit upright if you regularly wear a post-surgical belt. They apply pressure in the exact right places around your abdomen and lower back. Regular use of a binder can help you stay in the habit of standing upright. This can be beneficial if you are undergoing chiropractic treatment or if you simply want to re-educate your muscles and joints to maintain good posture.


  • For a better blood circulation:

A binder can provide the right compression level (17-21 mmHg) to the abdomen and lower back if you have poor circulation for any reason.


  • A more comfortable weight loss:

If your weight loss lasts over a long period of time, your body can undergo many deep changes. Wearing a post-surgical binder during this phase can make the weight loss process more enjoyable by maintaining loose skin.


With thousands of proven results, the liposuction procedure is one of the most widely practiced plastic and aesthetic surgery. It removes localized fat excess tissue permanently. Patients will be asked to wear a compression garment for around eight weeks following the operation to reshape the tissue for a redefined silhouette.

You may be required to wear a different garment depending on the area to be covered.


How does it work?

The procedure consists of aspirating fat through cannulas inserted under the skin through small incisions. Many areas can be treated such as the back, hips, thighs, stomach, knees, ankles and arms. Thanks to advanced techniques, the neck and the shape of the face can also be treated.


Am I a good candidate for a liposuction?

Contrary to most people’ s beliefs, liposuction only has an effect on small, localized fat deposits, not on weight. The main objective of a liposuction is to re-harmonize the silhouette by redefining its contours.


What happens after the surgery?

In response to the trauma of the treated area, the body forms edema accompanied by inflammation that can last several weeks before a final visible result. Surgeons generally recommend that their patients wear a compression garment that they will put on immediately after their surgery.


Why do I need a post-operative garment after my liposuction?

Wearing the right post-operative clothing is key to good results. This garment provides the optimal compression level on the treated areas in order to  reduce inflammation. Choosing the right size is essential for best results. A too tight garment will provide too much compression and will have opposite effects.


After your liposuction, the compression garment will allow :

  • A reduction of post-operative swelling and the sensation of aches and pains.
  • An improvement of the aesthetic results by facilitating a good blood circulation that will optimize the healing process.
  • Reduction of the risk of undulations (wave effect).
  • Good repartition of the cicatricial tissue for better healing and skin retraction control after the surgery.
  • A better post-operative mobility thanks to the tissues and posture support.

Your surgeon will recommend you wear the compression garments approximately 4 to 8 weeks following your liposuction. For an ideal result, patients should wear their liposuction garment day and night for the first few weeks that’s why the choice and quality of the fabric is particularly important.

An abdominoplasty is a relatively aggressive body contouring surgery that removes skin excess and tightens the muscles. It can be a solution after pregnancy or weight loss that impact on the abdomen. For both men and women, a longer recovery period is recommended while wearing a compression garment to reduce swelling and increase patient comfort.

Why is it important to wear a compression garment after an abdominoplasty?

  • Reduce swellings: Fluid retention and edema are often visible, uncomfortable and painful. A compression garment allows to better manage this recovery time.
  • Ensure the best possible aesthetic results: Body contours can be metamorphized with an abdominoplasty. Bulges or inequalities can appear after muscles and tissue positioning. Wearing a compression garment during this period can prevent undulations formation.
  • Shape conservation: Wearing a compression garment after the surgery will help maintain tissues in the right position during the healing process.
  • A better recovery and post operation comfort : after a heavy intervention that often takes several months before obtaining a visible final result. The MedicalZ compression garment will promote good blood circulation, in addition to a good support that will allow you to perform your small daily tasks after the first week. It can also help with good posture and reduce pain or discomfort in certain positions.

The 5 indispensables things to know when you want to undergo an abdominoplasty:

  • About the intervention :

The techniques may be different according the surgeon. Generally, scars are located around the navel and in the pubic area. After removing as much damaged skin as possible, the surgeon will tighten the healthy skin from the upper abdomen down. The scars are rather large and more or less wide depending on the amount of skin to be removed. Liposuction can be performed at the same time for better results.

  • Follow your medical prescription :

Severe pain can be reduced with appropriate painkillers. It is important to strictly follow your medical prescription and your surgeon’s recommendations to limit the various risks, particularly of infection.

  • Wear a compression garment :

You will certainly observe significant inflammation and feel aches and pains in the abdomen.  This is due to the swelling that forms in response to the surgery which a suitable compression garment can help reduce. These garments are real medical products and are tested to provide the best compression on the treated areas. They will thus help reduce inflammation, allow bruises resorption and facilitate your daily movements.

  • Avoid physical efforts :

You might feel a lot of tension in your scars. Making efforts will make you force on these  which can lead to their enlargement and compromise the final result. Follow your surgeon’s recommendations for resuming work (often 10 to 15 days) and physical activity (around 2 months).

  • Protect your scars :

The scars after an abdominoplasty are very important, so it is important to take great care of them. Be careful not to expose them to the sun for at least 6 months.

A compression garment, essential if you need to undergo a gastric surgery:

Patients who have undergone gastroplasty or gastric bypass surgery lose a lot of weight over a long period of time. These significant body changes often result in sagging skin and weakened tissue. Some specialized surgeons recommend patients to wear an abdominal compression garment. Compression garments worn during the weight loss phase, and once the weight loss period is over can promote healthy blood circulation and achieve the desired aesthetic results by keeping the tissues in place even in hard-to-reach areas thanks to MedicalZ’s expertise.

It can also help improve your posture as your body is changing. Even if you are not undergoing liposuction or surgery involving tissue modification, your body will be in constant transformation as you lose weight. Invisible under clothing, it is easily concealed for daily use.