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Custom burn garments

For over 40 years, at MedicalZ ®, we have been working to offer you innovative products of the highest quality. Leader in the industry of compression garments and scar management gels, we are committed to accompany you through the whole healing process from the end of the surgical procedure.

We put all of our expertise at your service to allow you the best possible recovery.

« All that can be conceived, can be achieved».

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for any request, we will design and manufacture your custom compression garment.

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The Fresh Fabrics® developed by MedicalZ, more efficient and more comfortable. 

The unique geometric form of MedicalZ® Fresh Fabrics® fiber allows for ultra-fast perspiration wicking with a drying speed more than 60 times faster than other fabrics. More comfortable and softer than any standard fabric, it provides an immediate feeling of well-being while maximizing the effects of an effective and uniform compression.


The Dupont Coolmax® fabric, the highly technical and breathable fabric.

More breathable and more comfortable than available competitive products, it wicks humidity away to the outer layer of the fabric and helps to regulate temperature. Besides, the fast-drying properties prevent patients from suffering from moisture while providing the required compression of 17-24 mmHg – necessary to reduce edema and prevent hypertrophic and keloid scars.

CoolMax® is available in four colors (beige, blue, black and white).


The Standard fabric® stretch in the 6 directions and available in four colors.

Our standard tissue offers all the necessary characteristics to reduce edema and prevent hypertrophic and keloid scars. The standard fabric is stretchable in all 6 directions and is specially designed for optimal compression of 17-24 mmHg applied to a lightweight garment.


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ZGRIP : Les gants CoolMax® MedZ Grip que vous attendiez avec impatience sont enfin disponibles ! Ils résoudront tous les problèmes posés par les gants « glissants », également utilisé sous les chaussettes CoolMax®. N’hésitez pas à les commander en même temps.