General Conditions

General Conditions


Therapeutic clothing offered by MédicalZ® are guaranteed in France against defects in material and manufacturing for adults for a period of six months except for gloves which are guaranteed for 3 months.

Children’s clothing is guaranteed for 3 months, which is one of the longest warranties in the industry.

We guarantee that all of our custom-made compression garments will fit you if the first try on is made within 2 weeks from the date of production.

If a garment needs to be adjusted, don’t forget to pre-wash it before sending it back to MedicalZ®. We reserve the right not to accept garments that have not been properly washed.


Return policy

To our valued customers: We guarantee our product free of manufacturing defect at 100%.

However, if a return is in order, please follow these guidelines:

1/ Call 1-800-368-7478 to retrieve a control number.

2/ All returns for alteration purposes must be properly washed.

3/ Include your name and telephone number explaining reason for return and the quantity you are sending.

4/ Medical Z® will assess the garment and will make the decision to replace, repair refund or make alterations.

No returns or alterations will be accepted if the product has been used for reasons other than it’s intended purpose

or not in accordance with the manufacturer’s care instructions.

5/ Medical Z® will not replace, repair, refund or make alterations to garments that have already been modified or altered.

6/ All merchandise being returned needs to be securely packaged before return.

7/ When warranty has expired, Medical Z® will contact you with the cost of repair.

8/ The shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser both to and from the purchaser.

9/ A credit memorandum will be issued to the account based on the amount of credit that applies.



 Consult your physician or health care professional before following any of the recommendation presented within this site.

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